Pilica Internationa Japan Co., Ltd.



Pilica International has three basic product divisions, each following the core value of providing the best products from around the world to Japan:

These are Pilica products developed with ingredients unique to Japan and formulated exclusively for Pilica. Our exclusive product line includes supplements, skincare, cosmetics and toiletries for the entire family to enjoy.

An example of one these products is our very successful line of Kakusan DYNA Vital supplements. Our Kakusan DYNA products are made from a unique species of salmon harvested between December and January; located off the pristine waters off Hokkaido, Japan's most northern island. This unique species of salmon are known for their strength and stamina because they must swim through the very rugged Sanriku currents.

Because we are committed to high quality products, we are only committed to partnering with companies with the same core values as us. Synergy is important to Pilica International, and a business relationship can only be successful if our partners are resolute to the long-term strategy in Japan or in any other market.

One of our most successful international partnerships is with AnneMarie Borlind of Germany. AnneMarie Borlind was established over 50 year ago and has developed great organic products in its history. Because both companies are committed to high standards, both companies have developed a fantastic and mutually successful partnership to market AnneMarie Borlid products in Japan.

Because of Pilica International's successful marketing strategies, AnneMarie Borlind products can be found in retail stores and in exclusive esthetic spa salons all over Japan. Furthermore, AnneMarie Borlind products have been mentioned in many of Japan's most popular and top rated magazines.

Pilica International's successful partnership with AnneMarie Borlind has resulted in exclusive distribution rights in Japan for additional AnneMarie Borlind products, such as their DADO Sens and ANNELIND product lines.

Our partnership with AnneMarie Borlind is now in its 14th year in Japan. Both companies are committed to provide high quality products and will continue to build upon its past successes in Japan for growth in other markets.

Aside from our everlasting dedication to provide our general customers with the highest quality products, we also provide excellent products to be used in esthetic salons or beauty spas.